Company Mission

Bring innovative solutions to Government and private sector organizations, providing creative, technological means to design, development, and implementation.

Company History

PCS Enterprises, Inc. is a small, minority, women-owned corporation, owned and presided by Shirley M. Fletcher.  From the beginning, the intent of PCS Enterprises was to provide customers with expertise concerning enterprise-wide information technology consulting services, with a quality unsurpassed.  PCS Enterprises, Inc. is a veteran team of experienced computer and human resource consultants providing technical guidance, working solutions, and a proven set of technical skills.

PCS Enterprises, Inc. specializes in Software Engineering/Reengineering, Database Design and Administration, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, Data Repository Design & Maintenance, Application Server, Portals, Website design and build, Software Analysis & Design, Software Development, Training, Maintenance and Support.  PCS Enterprises, Inc. employs networking and teaming with the very BEST in the computer consulting industry.

Over the past decade PCS Enterprises, as a whole, has recognized the rapid advancements in technology and the growing need for and dependency on information technology in managing and growing businesses.  Commensurate with the growth in the need for technology in business, was the demand for Information Technology professionals.

These occurrences grew the market for IT professional consulting services.  This has been particularly true in the 21st century since the boom of electronic commerce.  These revelations, coupled with the desire to advance in the field of information technology, eventually lead to the beginnings of PCS Enterprises, Inc.

In addition to Information Technology, PCS provides its customers with expertise in Counseling, Mediation and Investigations. PCS have established a reputation for going the extra mile. We believe in win/win situations, ensure and guarantee customer satisfaction and complete office continuity.

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